How To Use ICONSIGN Lash Lift At Home?

Lash lifts are super standard now. Lash lifts are a great way to give your eyelashes a perm and curl them so that you don’t have to frequently frequent the mascara section in your local drug store. A lash lift is a procedure for curling your eyelashes much more quickly. You will find that it’s a relatively simple procedure at home if you have the best lash lift kit before you understand if the lash kit you have is the right one. 

You also have to be careful about knowing the procedure. ICONSIGN Beauty Store has you covered with our brow and lash lamination kit, but you also need to know how to go about the perm.



STEP 1: The first step in the procedure is ensuring you have the right tools in your belongings. If you have a lash lift eyelash perming kit, you would need to ensure that it has the right tools for you to conduct the procedure.


STEP 2: Arranging your tools is necessary. You have to ensure you have the following tools: shields or rods, lifting/perming solution, lash lift glue, setting solution, lash lift tool, and instruction manual on the amount of time required for the setting solution.

All of these tools will come with the ICONSIGN Eyelash and brow lifting kits, so you don’t have to worry about how to get your hands on them. However, you’re also going to need some other tools. Other tools include a timer, cotton buds, cotton pads, a bowl with water, and a clean lash brush.


STEP 3: Once you have all your tools assembled, you have to clean away any product that may be present on your eyelashes. Use a water-based cleanser to clean away your lashes so that they don’t have any chemicals or oils in them that may deter the procedure. You would need an eye shield or mask to separate the upper and lower lashes. 

You can brush a thin amount of glue on the guard and sit them aligned next to the eye-line. You can then add a thin layer of glue to the eyelashes sitting atop the shield and then work on the lashes using a separator.


STEP 4: Now we can get right into the perming. You’ll need to use the lifting solution and apply an ample amount to the base of the eyelashes. You want to ensure that you apply a thick amount at the bottom so that you can work your way upwards. It would be best if you kept most of the product at your root instead of the tips of your applications. You can always use a toothpick if you don’t have an applicator. 

Let the lifting solution stay on for 10-15 minutes, depending on the thickness and length of your eyelashes. Once the process occurs, you can use the cotton buds to get rid of the solution.


STEP 5: Once you’re done with the lifting solution, you can move towards the setting solution so that the lash lift remains in position. You’re going to pack in the setting lotion on the bottom half of your lashes near the base and then to the tips to neutralize the area. Let this setting solution remain for 8-10 minutes, then slowly wipe it off with a cotton bud.


STEP 6: Some lash kits allow you to condition your eyelashes while others don’t. You can apply some conditioning lotions on your eyelashes and leave them on so they can quickly come off the lash guard. 

The solution in the conditioner allows the pad to come off easily, so there’s no issue with the silicon pad. 

Then you can use a clean mascara wand to brush and separate your lashes. 

Remember that you can’t have the lashes get wet for 24 hours after the perming treatment is done.


Pick The Right Size Of Pad!

For a tighter/more dramatic lift, use the smaller lift pads. For a softer/more natural lift, use the bigger lift pads.

If you don't know which pad to choose, we recommend starting with the M pads.


If you don’t apply the right amount of solution, i.e., both the lifting solution and the setting solution, you won’t get the right lash lift. Doing these lifts at home also means letting the curing solution in for the appropriate time. 

You can’t let it be for longer or shorter than the curing time required. However, you can’t apply too much glue on the lids as you don’t want to create barriers to the solution.


You have to ensure that you don’t have any product on your eyelashes as they can result in your perm breaking down. You can’t use any oil-based cleansers or moisturizers to make your eyes cleaner. 

You must ensure that you clean your eyes thoroughly before the treatment so there are no issues with your lash lift.


The ICONSIGN lash lift and brow lamination kit are one of the best lash lift kits out there. You can use it to straighten out your eyelashes and ensure that you have the best-curled lashes in the town. It’s a simple and easy way of tending to your lashes by yourself without having to go to an eyelash salon. 

It’s a great activity to partake in if you’re having a quiet night with your friends!