Brow lamination VS Brow soap which is better for your daily make-up?

Brow lamination VS Brow soap how should we choose

Hi, this is Abby from StarsColors, before we get into the topic, we must first understand what is

brow lamination and brow soap, this is the explanation that I sorted out and personally thinks it’s

easier to understand.


Brow Lamination:

Eyebrow lamination is a relatively new beauty project that focuses on creating shiny, smooth eyebrows.

Sometimes referred to as "eyebrow ", those who may be experiencing thinning or irregular eyebrows tend to

pursue a high-gloss effect.

It can give people the brows they have always want in less than 45 mins, it hides small gaps and gives the

illusion of major hair growth. Most of people are 28s to 50s and have lost a lot of their brow hair, either through

the natural aging process, illness, or just overwaxing. This is a noninvasive, temporary, but impactful way to fix

their brows in an affordable way.

When you are done, it lasts for up to two months. During the period, you can spray water, wash your face with

facial cleanser, etc. If you find that your eyebrows are messed up, just use the brush to brush upwards, and

the eyebrows will return to their shape.



Brow Soap:


The look of soap brows is essentially synonymous with brow lamination, which are bushy brows with brow

hairs that are noticeably lifted. Soap brows are achieved by applying a soap paste to the brow hairs via a

spoolie as a sort of pomade.


Brow soap is very popular now, because it is very convenient to organize your eyebrows into the look you 

want by yourself, don't need to go beauty salon and it’s very easy to remove, it can be washed off directly

with facial cleanser.

Why not just use ordinary eyebrow gel? 

someone said that according to the standards of makeup artists, most eyebrow gels do not have the desired

effect and long-term retention effect. Anyone who does not cooperate with eyebrows may agree. There is a

reason for this. "Hairspray is water-based," she said. "Once a person sweats, the retention factor will be

weakened." On the other hand, soap is thicker than gel and pomade, which says helps it maintain strength.

But of course, like any other method that can reduce time and effort, the soap brow method has its

drawbacks. Our teacher points out that skin tone products and soap are not the friendliest combination. "If you

have a lot of foundation around your eyebrows, if soap gets on your skin, the foundation will start to look

weird," she said.


Most importantly, Abby warned that soap may seep into the eyes due to excessive sweat or water, and we all

know that this will sting, which is very bad. In addition, due to the high pH of most soaps, continuous use of

soap on the eyebrows can cause skin irritation.



Having said this, let me discuss from the following perspectives, in our daily life, how

should we choose the eyebrow styling method that suits us:

Though the end result looks similar, there are differences in technique and other factors. Some of these

factors include:

how long it lasts





1. How long it lasts?

There is no doubt about this, brow lamination can lasts long time about 1.5-2 months; brow soap you need

day by day to use can has the brow shape.


2. Process:


Brow lamination: 

Put simply, brow lamination takes your unruly or thinning brow hair and smooths it out while

lifting the hair in a more vertical direction. Your brows will be brushed into shape with hairs placed into the

desired style and position. They will then be set with cling film and a style fixing product which has key

ingredients that straighten curved hairs while ensuring symmetry. Using two different styling lotions, the brow

hairs are then fixed into their new position. The end result is slicked-up brows that look like you’ve applied a

clear gel.

Brow soap:

Step 1: Spray your spoolie brush with a facial mist to dampen the bristles. I did maybe four or five sprays? I

liked a thicker residue, so I used very little moisture to make my brow soap. It takes a little bit of trial and error

to figure out just how damp the brush needs to be, but start with a little and add more if you need.

Step 2: Rub the bristles of your brush against the bar of soap to create the gel-like residue. If you don't want

your brows to look waxy, start with a little bit of product and build it up if you need. If you have brows that, load

on some more.

Step 3: Comb the soapy spoolie through the hairs and shape your eyebrows how you want them to set. It

doesn't dry that quickly, so you have time to work with it until you find an arch you like.

Step 4: Use your brow pencil or whatever brow styling products you prefer to fill in sparse areas. Remember,

it's soap, so do this after you set your soap brows or you risk washing it all off. Tip: Be careful applying your

foundation close to your brows before combing them. Eye makeup and complexion products mixed with soap

is no good and will flake, cake, or separate.


3. Reviews


I took screenshots of product evaluation comparisons from some platforms, first is brow lamination kit:

Many girls think brow lamination is very good to make brows well, and can last a long time.

so, let us see the brow soap reviews screenshots:



If you are a want convenient and a cheap way, you can choose brow soap, because it's easy to brush

and wash out.

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And this is Abby, thanks for you view this blog, next time we will upload about eyelash extension tips, hope

you always here, bye-bye!